torsdag 18 juni 2009


Alphonse Muchas "Dance"

En dröm jag drömde gav mig ett sådant starkt intryck att jag var tvungen att skriva ner budskapet. Lite hjälpte nog konserten med Laurie Anderson till. Dörrar öppnas där man minst anar dem... det är bara att tacka o ta emot när lusten o inspirationen strömmar in... eller ut!

A stranger’s message

I met a man in a dream last night
Or I think I did anyway
It was not so that I really met him
He just appeared in my dream world
With a message
He stood there smiling telling me...
Or, maybe he did say nothing
I don’t remember - words
And yet the words, letter by letter
Energized me entirely
The message – or the words
Made me feel so excellent – satisfied!
Made me all of a sudden aware of a long lost acquaintance

He stood so close to me – so if I reached out my hand I could touch him…
And yet he was so far away – but his gaze hypnotized me
I didn’t recognize his face – never seen it before
And I will probably never see it again
Still, he felt so familiar and significant
Guess his self was of no importance
It was his existence and the message he forwarded
That mattered…
He said something that grabbed me deep inside
Not sexually – or self complacently
No, his gentle and sincere expression
Woke something inside me that I’ve been missing for so long…
The insight of that I’m actually good enough as I am…

The stranger in my dream
That seemed so empathetic and familiar
Stayed in my mind for the entire morning
And for the rest of the day…

I tried to figure out what his appearance wanted to express to me
And, I think I finally know…
This man I met – or that just transferred me a message
This man so near and yet so far away
He gave me back the belief in myself
And suddenly I remembered what he said……
“You look good”
Simply that –
But the words injected me with energy

This man – carrying a message
This stranger with a gentle smile and a hypnotising gaze

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